Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Astonishing X-Men #17

It has a PSR rating, I'll have a page up soon explaining those.

An ongoing plot in this X-Men title (not sure about the others) is that a
'cure' has been found for mutants. Meaning someone like Cyclops could get a
shot and he'd no longer shoot beams out of his eyes or always have to wear
protective glasses.

In the last issue a villain who worked the people that created the cure,
forcibly gave it to a student at Xavier's and took away his power of flight.

In this issue the boy is walking around despondent and comes to a cliff.
Another student, a girl, comes up and they talk briefly. The boy asks what
the girl would do and she says "Well, If I had any real guts at all... I'd
jump off a cliff." The scene ends there.

The last few pages starts with other X-Men talking about the boy and the
girl from the earlier conversation says she couldn't fin him anywhere. We
then have 7 large frames slowly zooming in to the boy lying the bottom of
the cliff in a broken position, his eyes roling to the back of head. The
last shot is a fullpage showing him actually lying in the Danger Room.

Whether he jumped or was pushed isn't clear.


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