Saturday, December 11, 2004

JSA #68 / DC

This has the Comics Code Authority label.

A timetravel story involving the current JSA (Justice Society of America) and the JSA of the 40's. Because of the time travel aspect its stated that what follows can be undone. Which means its also an excuse to go as far as they want.

Halfway through the book assassins are sent to kill the current Stargirl's family. It starts with her step-father being shot in the head, showing blood coming out the back.

On the next page, first panel, Stargirl strikes back blasting one of the killers' arm to the bone. Second panel, 4 killers surround and shoot her mother and step-brother. Third panel shows her baby sister crying. 4th panel shows a gun going off with Stargirl yelling her sister's name.

Next page Stargirl blows out the side of the house and stabs a killer through the shoulder with her starlance.

The next few pages show Stargirl with blood on her chest while she talks then leaves with a time traveler sent to help, leaving the out that she can still save her family.

I repeat, this has the CCA.

Violence : 5 Sex : 0 Depravity : 5


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