Saturday, December 11, 2004

Detective Comics #801 / DC

CCA labeled.

A very dark issue overall. Scene of a couple yelling and screaming at each, the wife pulling a butcher knife on the husband. Quick scene of two people smoking a crack pipe. Another scene of a society girl dead from an overdose, needle sticking out of her arm, eyes rolled to the back of her head.

Later the man who gave her the drugs is on the run to his dealer. He's in the dealer's apartment. He asks whats on the floor. The deal says its a tarp to avoid the mess. We get a shot of the man's feet on the tarp, then a switch blade, then of the man's feet again in a struggling motion and blood spilling to the ground.

There's some fighting between Batman and the dealer and his thugs, nothing out of the ordinary.

Violence: 3 Sex: 0 Depravity: 5


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