Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Flippin' Through

One argument in the comments, and I noticed in another blog, was that parents should be able to just flip through a book and decide if its appropriate.

I believe it was the November issue of Adventures of Superman that had a substory with the new big villain Preus. Preus has taken over some kind of tent community and is using them as forced labor. In the beginning of the book we have Preus making eyes at some of the women, and then one in particular. Later on we have him standing outside a cabin talking to two men who are his gophers. Preus has red stains on his front and says something along the lines that he needs another woman, that humans are somewhat 'fragile'. The two men look like they're going to puke. He basically raped the woman to death.

Unless you read 60% of the book you wouldn't have understood anything that happened. Simply flipping through wouldn't have caught it.

Also, this is the difference between violence and depravity. There was no violence to be seen but the story being told was 100% disgusting.


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